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On the set of the video for the “It Was a Good Day” @icecube cover song we did at Roosevelt Park on Houston St. Summer of 2000. Sitting with our man @jimmy1973 on his 1964 Impala he so kindly let us use for the video. Youngsters @toddsplanet @tfh2o @adamblake007 @rustypistachio #FlashbackFriday #NYC #IceCube

Thank you “On Tour Service” for giving us a double decker 21 bunk bus for the 7 of us. We’ve been touring Non Stop since 2008 when NTP came out always in Sprinter Vans here. Last tour we had a mini bus which wasn’t ready for this tour so they sent us this!! Lol amazing!! I wish all our friends could come out and hang for 12 shows with us hint hint Open Invitation begins now!! #FTTW #SelfMadeDuesPaid #19yrPlan #ThankYou (at Stadt Weinheim)

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