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Released From Jury Duty today + My Couch + @nbcthevoice + @max_maker + @maximushenrymorse + Organic Popcorn w/ Coconut Oil & Nutritional Yeast + Avacado/Tomato Salad = Perfect Tuesday Night!

One of my proudest moments w/ OLOC was visiting Amesbury Academy w/ @mxpike @okroque thanks to @water_man1111 One of the smallest group of students, But the best response & connection so far. This was a couple years ago & kids from their still come see me when H2O plays in MA & are still Drug Free since my visit,it’s the best feeling! My First time I was ever on the cover of a newspaper also thanks again @water_man1111 for believing in me and having us visit. #OLOC #OneLifeOneChance #AmesburyAcademy #DoSomething #EdgeDayEveryday #PMA #FromTheStreetsToTheStageToTheSchools

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